When Someone Unqualified Gets a Job You’d Be Awesome At

I just found out that this completely stupid inexperienced twat face got this really awesome office job at my local university that pays really well, like way better than graduates normally get first out of university, even more than people with law degrees fresh out of uni.

I am absolutely fuming, because I’ve been job searchign since I was made redundant in March and I didn’t see this job listed back in August when it would have been advertised.

I’m so qualified for this position, I have the required IT skills, I have 10 years of admin experience, I have all the organisational, time management and communication skills required, and I missed this job.

And that’s not just why I’m pissed, but I know the person they gave the job to, an they are the most unfocused, unorganised, easily distracted person I’ve ever known, and they don’t have any admin experience let alone the specific IT requirement. One of the selection criteria was also have have an actual degree, and I know they got the job before they graduated, AND they took 10 years to get their degree instead of the usual 3 (in Australia). This person has worked in hospitality their entire life and gets their jobs by flirting with the managers. And somehow they managed to write not only good enough selection criteria, which I still struggle with sometimes, but managed to convince the interview panel that they were qualified for the job when they clearly are not.

And they are earning SO MUCH MONEY. over half again from what I was earning at my IT job, which, I have to admit, is kind of my fault, because I low-balled myself.


And i can’t understand how this totally unqualified, un-graduated person could get such a great job when they are literally the worst employee ever.

I’m sick of watching other people walk into nice jobs with good wages when I’m struggling so much right now.

They other thing that really annoys me is this person always used to complain when I wouldn’t go out with them because I didn’t want to spend hundreds on booze, and they always expected other people to pay just because they’re ‘pretty’ (or whatever). I was trying to save money and thank god I did because I’ve had unstable employment this year. And now they’re out of a minimum wage job and into one that’s earning even more than a regular job of this type AND IT IS SO FRUSTRATING.


  • Unqualified
  • No experience
  • Easily distracted, confused, and unfocused

And all my job interviews are telling me I don’t have ‘enough’ experience or ‘the right kind of experience’ or ‘the other candidate had more relevant experience.’

Why is the universe doing this to me? What did I ever do wrong?


Fallen Way Behind

Today I figured I’m about 10 years behind where I should be in regards to my income.

It’s entirely my fault. I graduated for University about 10 years ago, then moved to England for a couple of years where I was unemployed as the Global Financial Crisis hit. Upon moving back to Australia, I got a job that payed well under what I was worth, but it was a full time, permanent job which allowed my husband and I to get our own place, get married, buy our first car, all that sort of thing.

I came across an article today saying students who graduate from University this year and going into full time work are expected to earn a median income of $52,000. That makes me feel sick. I’ve never earned that much and not only did I do an extra year of school in the form of Honours but I’m now in my thirties and lost my job earlier this year. My supposedly stable, permanent job.

All the jobs I’m applying for pay well over what I was on for 5 years (including a $1 pay rise after four years, wow, so wonderful), but my previous job was so crap that I barely have any experience to add to my job applications, which now number nearly 100 since I started job searching 2 years ago.

In two years I have applied for nearly 100 jobs.

That’s basically one a week.

I’ve had about 12 interviews, some of them so bad I cried on my way home, some of them so good I got to the second round of interviews, was told it was between me and one other person, then they go and choose that person due to ‘experience’.

And yes, it is harder to job search because I’m in a regional area and I’m only looking for part time jobs so I can care for my husband, and I don’t specialise in anything so I can basically only look for admin jobs. Even my 5 years in IT doesn’t help because I can’t write code or fix networks or anything. My previous job was so damn limiting, I was basically the helpline for one very specialist website.

And yes, I have learned a lot about selection criteria and cover letters and CVs and interviews in the past couple of years, but it’s all been self-taught. Imagine where I could be now if I was taught how to do these things in school. I’d be rocking it along with my peers who all earn more money than me, or have bigger, nicer houses, or families, or expensive holidays.

And no crippled husbands needing care.

It annoys me when I see uneducated people who are good at selling things, themselves included, earning so much more than I can.

I’m worth it. I’m an excellent worker. I’ve never missed a deadline except when I had surgery during University and was a day late handing in an essay. I have ridiculously high standards and expect that of the people around me. I’m naturally good at time management and I’m a fast learner. I can do anything.

So why does my life suck so much right now?

I’m sick of doing EVERYTHING

It’s not right to complain about what a disabled person can and can’t do.

I know this.

But since I’ve been awake half the night due to my husband FUCKING SNORING THE FUCKING JERK I’m not in the best of moods today. He’s a side-sleeping mouth-closed snorer without sleep apnea (I know, because I have it, and a machine that fixes it) which makes things worse because I don’t even know if there is any treatment for him? SO I’m irrationally mad at this jerk for snoring so loud and keeping me awake when I’m the first person to claim you can’t blame someone for something they do/did in their sleep. Plus he had a sleeping tablet so he had a good night’s sleep.

But still. Fuck that jerk.

And even though we have a cleaning lady now, since I refuse to do all the housework myself and we can outsource thanks to his worker’s compensation, I’m still doing all the things the cleaning lady doesn’t do, like the washing (sorting, washing, druying, folding, putting it away i fucking hate it grrr) and putting the bins out (including fetching al the rubbish/recycling in the house), changing the cat litter and feeding the cats including cleaning their water fountain (which is a MAJOR chore) because they are finicky pests (not really I’m just grumpy), cleaning up the bedroom, keeping the lounge room tidy excpet for his fucking mess where I have told him he needs to clean it up.

So yesterday I forgot to put our swimwear out to dry after washing it because I was doing other housework, and so today he said he’d hang it out. Not only does he want praise for something I don’t get praise for, but he claimed he nearly fell over while he was doing it.

Funny how his ‘nearly’ falling over and his actual falls always happen when I’m not there (except that one time at the swimming pool where he slipped and fell). And then I make a big fuss and subtly ask for evidence of his falls and he never has any.

And I haven’t even mentioned that I had to go  buy new crockery because he thought he could use sticky dots to hang a DVD holder on the bookcase next to his bed, and when the stickiness failed it dropped on to the bowls he piles up next to his bed (because he can’t carry them out to the kitchen) and broke FOUR of them. And I had to get his wheelchair out and wheel him around the shop, looking for new crockery, then I had to carry the heavy box back to the car, and he wanted to get fucking donuts and I cais I can’t carry everything, this shit is heavy let’s just GO HOME. THen I had to put his wheelchair AWAY LIKE FUCK THIS SHIT I DO EVERYTHING.

I don’t want to have to ASK him to do anything because I am not a fucking household manager, we are supposed to be equals.

But he needs to clean up the mess beside his bed because I can’t even get in, even if I wanted to to, to change the bed.

He needs to clean up his ‘nest’ or I’ll throw everything away.

I had to go to work today but I bet since the weather is warming up he hasn’t thought about changing the bedsheets to something cooler! But I’ve thought about it! I would ask him to do it but he’ll open the linen closet and get overwhelmed and say he can’t find anything, so it’ll be MY job to pull everything out and reorganise it.


Because he can’t stand there and do it but I can.

And it used to be that I gave him leeway because he a depressed and suicidal and sometimes it was just hard for him to get out of bed, but now I’m giving him leeway because there’s a bunch of stuff he can’t do anymore, but now I have to do it, and it’s seriously shitting me off right now.

Like, we used to be better equals at looking after the house but now everything has changed.

And that’s the main reason why I don’t want to have a baby anymore. I already look after one oversized toddler. I don’t basically want to be a single parent because he can’t help out with anything.

People Take Advantage of You When You’re Selfless

Here’s a thing I’ve been struggling with for a while now.

Husband’s disabled, living off worker’s compensation, still going to therapy 4 times a week which I drive him to. He still gets annual leave and he recently got a raise even though he literally hasn’t done any work this year.

I’m still underemployed, looking for permanent work so I can start earning leave and superannuation again. But I’m only looking for part time work so I can continue to care for him.

I’m taking  massive blow to my superannuation by being underemployed. I’m not earning leave. He’s not even fucking working and he’s earning leave.

When we enquired about getting a gardener, the worker’s comp people emailed back asking ‘why can’t your wife do the gardening?’

Husband wrote back saying, “So you expect my wife to go to work, care for me, do all the housework AND all the gardening?”

They then said theyy’d pay for a gardener. We also squeezed a once a week cleaner out of them.

Before we got the cleaner I was doing everything.  He literally can’t because he can’t carry anything and do you know how hard it is to clean a house without carrying anything?

I go out of my way to make his life easier. All he has to do is ensure he gets enough sleep and go to his physical therapy so he can get t the best he can be and eventually go back to work.

I do everything.

So how do you know when your disabled husband is just taking advantage of you?


Still Going Strong

Just a quick update in case anyone’s been wondering.

My husband started hydrotherapy and found a new physiotherapist after the old place cut him off.

He’s doing SO MUCH BETTER.

He’s still a cripple and it will probably be forever, but he’s so much more agile on his crutches and can go for longer in his wheelchair than before.

His balance and endurance are slowly getting better.

He’s still not back at work and I’m only working one day a week.

I’ve had lots of interviews but I’m missing out on ‘not having enough experience.’

It’s tough, but we’ll manage.

Being a girl sucks

It sucks balls that in the weeks leading up to my period my face erupts and no matter how many products I use to clean it and take care of it, I feel like a teenager with a pizza face.

And then the day I start bleeding – so feeling like shit – my face magically clears up and I barely have to wear any makeup.

I’m fucking 30 years old, I am too old to be dealing with this crap.

An Unexpected Turnaround

So when I lost my job in March, my dad said it was a great opportunity to go and get training/education in something I wanted to do. I could change careers if I wanted. This is because I expressed an interest in palaeontology  after he recommended a documentary to me.

I’d love to be a pataeontologist except I really don’t want to move from where I live and there is absolutely zero zilch work going here, even with its rich colonial history.

Another option was astrobiology. I’m a  bit of an exoplanet nut. I’m fascinated by the possibility of life on other planets. I even took one of those massive online courses in astrobiology a couple of years ago. But again, not much work going where I live.

In fact, there is much work going for anything where I live. When I got serious about going back to school after this three month contract ends, I was leaning towards Human Resources. Now my mother, who thinks she’s the boss of me, says she knows 3 HR people who have been made redundant. It’s not that feasible a career anymore. An option a lot of our friends are going for is teaching, but I hate the idea of being a teacher. I hate dealing with little shit kids and their equally shitty parents. But my mother says she doesn’t want me to go into teaching either.

So I’m a little lost. Mother says I should do a business degree, but I said I don’t want to do a degree in something when I have 12 years of experience in business and know everything already. Then she recommended maybe just a management course so I can get out of admin and start moving upwards.

I still don’t know what I’m going to do, except apply for the 12 months contract of the job I’m currently in, even though that means I don’t get any sick leave or maternity leave and have to put off having a baby for even longer.

Meanwhile my husband’s legs are looking smaller, which scares me, and he’s been cut off from his rehab and has to go find a new place to take him. I’m trying hard not to feel guilty about only working 2 days a week. It’s not working so far, but hopefully I’ll get there soon. It does give me the extra time I need to do my hobbies aka write, make Lego, do puzzles play video games.

Just give me time. I’ll get there.

Here’s Hoping The Light At The End of the Tunnel Isn’t A Train

So I have a tiny bit of good news.

After losing my job last month just after I moved house and my rent went up, I’ve found a job through a temp agency.

It’s two days a week which is good enough because my husband is still getting worker’s compensation on his full wage for the accident he suffered at work that put him in a wheelchair, probably for life.

It’s also good that it’s only two days a week because that means I can still care for him and take him to all of his doctor’s appointment, physio appointments, and basically run around after him and care for him as I’ve been doing pretty much full-time since I lost my job.

It’s also good that it’s only two days a week because I applied for some government benefits and if I work more than 25 hours a week I won’t get anything.

I’m a government scrounger again, haven’t done that for five years.

It’s also only a 3 month contract which times almost perfectly with my very tentative plan to go back to school and get a diploma in Human Resources. School starts in late July, I think, so it fits pretty well. It depends on if my husband is back at work by then and what’s going on. To be honest I can’t really imagine life not working 9-5.30, five days a week. I think I’m still adjusting.

Wish me well, I start work in a couple of weeks!

From Crappy To Downright Shithouse

So my husband’s permanently disabled from a freak workplace accident.

We had to move to a house with a more expensive rent that was better equipped for him.

The day after moving I went into work and was made redundant.

I’ll just be here curled into a ball waiting for the next piece of shit life flings at me.

He’s Home

He got out of hospital last week, very suddenly, on a Friday.

We spent four days in bed together watching Harry Potter movies.

Now I need to pack up and move an entire house without his help because he can’t lift anything heavy or carry anything.

This isn’t the life I signed up for.